Jewellery care

Care Instructions:

To keep your Charming Rewards looking as good as new we recommend that your jewellery is not exposed to certain harsh chemicals including perfumes, body lotions, cleaning agents, chlorine and salt water. Always take off your Silver jewellery and leather bracelets before exercising, swimming, showering or cleaning. 
Silver can tarnish with wear. To remove any tarnish and to keep your silver charms nice and shiny, clean with lukewarm, mild soapy water, rinse and polish with a silver-polishing cloth. Store out of direct sunlight.
​​​​​​​Leather is a natural material and must be treated with care. For daily care simply wipe leather with a soft dry cloth. Leather bracelets need to be kept dry and not immersed in water.
Glass charms are individually handmade and each one will vary very slightly. These variations are in no way to be considered a fault but are simply evidence of how the glass has been made by hand. To clean your glass charms wash in warm mild soapy water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.